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BUCK50ENT was started in 2004 by “Gee-Dubs” after a heavy construction accident left him with a scar of roughly 150 stitches, or a “buck 50” on his lower neck. Feeling like he hadn’t left his mark in life yet, he decided to form an independent record label called Buck 50 Entertainment out of Camden, New Jersey. The trademark for the label is ransom notes, which are all handmade and handed out by Gee-dubs.

Fed up with kids hanging out with nothing to do, no ambitions, Dubs decided to start Operation: Give-back, a non-profit organization for high risk children, ex-felons, and anyone who want to turn their life around, by teaching them the heavy concrete construction and demolition trade.

The Buck50ent record label is actively putting Camden on the hip-hop map! This multimedia entertainment company is responsible for the production, songwriting, artist development, street team, ideals, marketing, and promotion.


Buck 50 Ent. Neva Scared