“I Am Thee Artist” Competition

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For the last month since Feb. 6th, The Route 360 and Grind Time Studios have sponsored the “I Am Thee Artist” showcase/competition at The Refuge Live at 416 S. Clark in Chicago. The talent in the city is mind boggling. The showcase was an awesome show and that was both round 1 and 2. The winner of the competition will receive a cash prize, 10 free hours of studio time at Grind Time Studios and a photo shoot.

This will be an interesting battle of Thee Artist contestants. These are the finalists.

  • Kennelli
  • LeKs
  • RayTheDude
  • Syncere
  • Slow Flow
  • MGS
  • Gizzy

I’m expecting every artist will be on their “A” game. hosted by Ronnie George this competition will be fun plus we get a chance to showcase some of Chicago’s elite talent with mr. Funny man himself doing they thing. If you can check out the “I Am Thee Artist” Competition.

March 19th – The Finals


The Refuge Live

416 S. Clark


Just a clip from round 1

For the entire show click I Am Thee Artist

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