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Check out the first episode of Common Sense with Sekhmet

Here we go!

Hetep to all and welcome to “Sekhmet’s Common Sense, Conscious Corner.”

I hope you enjoy your visit and learn a little more about YOU with each return. Some posts may be a little controversial, but, they are all reminders to question all things. For instance: Thoughts, your mind, false realities.

Do you ever ask yourself why you can relate to the fiction that you see on television, or why it is so entertaining? How about questioning the reality of “reward for stupidity” as it relates to people being rewarded through money or fame for something we all know is incorrect? Try this on for size, where is the “common sense” that we are supposed to be able to rely on in the time of question? Why are we using ROTE LEARNING in our daily lives?

I’d like to hear what YOU think. 

This is only the beginning friends, I have so much more for you, so stay tuned…….   Hetep!

 “There is nothing greater than knowing…….”