Monde Gomomo

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Monde ‘M.G’ Gomomo born 21 December 1990 in Soweto is a young talented hiphop artist that started writting music at the age of nine. He is known as a punchline rapper because of his ability to play around with words and you can just tell from just listening to his songs that he is not a fly- by- night, because music is truely in his blood..

Between 2007/2008 he joined a youth church group called Judah which consisted of various artistic activities such as music, drama, dance and of course Christianity.
This is where he got the chance to learn how perform with a live band, try out a bit of acting on easter and christmas stories at church and even do christian rap.
He then joined a school hiphop dance crew where he specialized in pop locking and a bit of krumping.

After doing a stream of collabos, performances at school and hiphop sessions, featuring on Urban Myth’s The Grind and The Grind revisited, and even tv appearance on Jam Alley in 2010.
He was ready to release his first Mixtape titled Target Practice (in 2011) which consists of 20 hot tracks under Urban Myth Entertainment, this is surely the begining of more great things to come from this talented young man.


Artist: M.G
Album: Target Practice Mixtape
Date of release: September 2011
Label: Urban Myth Entertainmet

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Tel: +2772 382 9776