Red Rasta – Where It’s Hell At ***New Music***

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     Where It's Hell At (Single)

    It’s finally here. Red Rasta releasing his first single off of 20 Block Music / Dirty Route Records Produced by TheFelixFoundationMusicGroup. No available on iTunes and more. We been waiting on Red Rasta to  release and I can say I am not disappointed.

        “Where It’s Hell At” begins with Harold Washington who was Chicago’s first African-American to serve as Mayor of Chicago, in office from April 29, 1983 until his death on November 25, 1987, speaks about his relationship with Richard J. Daley. This brief introduction sets the tone for “Where It’s Hell At”. Riddled with high crime and murder, Chicago is a city that have been plagued by corrupt politicians and organized crime. Therefore from the seeds in which was planted, Chicago have bare the fruit of a city in turmoil.

       Red Rasta gives you a feel of emergency and “this is what it is, I didn’t create the chaos but i gotta survive in it by all means necessary”. Yeah, pretty strong feelings there. To some Chicagoan’s, it is almost like saying we are used to the crime and violence. On that note Red Rasta hit it home. “I’m from where it’s hell at, where a n**** throw a shell they get a shell back, gun smoke my whole city they inhale that.”

     Born and raised on the west side of Chicago, Red Rasta definitely knows what he is talking about. Red Rasta breaks out with his fluid delivery and clever punch lines hit right at home. I think this single is definitely worth checking out. Take a sneak peak.

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Red Rasta – Where It’s Hell At